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Sri lankan girls on yahoo cam

The newspaper said GCHQ has been scooping up the sensitive images by intercepting video chats such as the kind offered by Yahoo Messenger, an effort codenamed OPTIC NERVE.

In his opening address, prosecutor Nick Cogin said Dr Athukorala engaged in unusual sexual practices, wanted to have sex with other women and wanted to involve his wife in these activities.The warehouse belongs to Fashion Bug, a popular clothing chain that operates stores throughout the country.The attackers yelled insults against Muslims throughout the attack.Like the NSA's collection of millions of innocent people's phone, email, and credit card data, the webcam surveillance program was carried out in bulk, creating a massive database where the communications of hundreds of thousands of people could later be scanned by analysts for clues or patterns.Gilchrist revealed that the "Addicted to Love" shoot had to hire five real musicians who were miming behind the camera, to show the women what to do with their instruments.A man said his wife, mother-in-law, son and daughter-in-law were all in his house in Siripura when the landslides hit. More than 1,000 people who escaped the disaster were sheltering and being treated for minor injuries at a nearby school and a Buddhist temple, according to government official Mahendra Jagath.

The same rains that unleashed the mudslides have also caused severe flooding in cities including Colombo, the capital, where tens of thousands of homes were at least partially inundated. Sri Lanka's disaster management center had reported 11 deaths from lightning strikes and smaller landslides elsewhere in the Indian Ocean island nation on Monday and Tuesday.

Several people were injured, including the warehouse’s manager and journalists trying to cover the incident.

Muslims make up about 9 percent of Sri Lanka’s population, making them the third largest group after Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamils.

Davies said that she spent most of the shoot staring at Palmer's bottom.

Bolino said the five women remain in touch and although she can't bear to watch the video, she's proud of the group that she belongs to thanks to "Addicted to Love".

Officials could not give the village populations, but such villages typically include about 1,000-1,500 residents each. Alice, said all nine of her children were unaccounted for. "I still don't know what happened to them." State broadcaster Rupavahini showed images of huge mounds of earth covering houses, while cascades of muddy water gushed from hilltops above.