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If you are working you may need to let your knowledge base show loud and clear to those in charge in order to make sure that you are considered for a more advanced position.

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Resolution granting a rezone from Mixed Residential to Industrial to the City of Sulphur for property located off Gradney Street.3.Thank you for visiting the City of Sulphur's website.Sulphur is known as the "Pride of Southwest Louisiana". Click here to take a visit back in Sulphur's history.Resolution accepting petition for annexation from Bel Commercial, LLC, for property located west of Wright Road, south of Sabine.4.Resolution extending and enlarging the boundaries of the City of Sulphur for the annexation of property owned by Bel Commercial, LLC located west of Wright Road and south of Sabine.5.A foreign company might be a good place to apply for a job, or perhaps you should do some studying abroad. Though if you are older, you might go on a trip with your senior group or go somewhere that is educational or to do some humanitarian work with needy people.

If you have kids, they may need to buckle down if they want to get into college, or they may wish to go far away to study.

This eclipse will be seen across the entire United States and seen in it's totality in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

However, the states surrounding these will also be able to see it, but not in complete totality and the further away from these states you get, the less of the sun will be covered.

In cuisine across the region, you’ll find the fruit and pads (nopales) of prickly pear cactus, beans from mesquite trees, tepary beans, chia, chiles, piñon nuts, corn, and amaranth (a grain similar to quinoa).

How Athletes Benefit: Nuts, chia seeds, and complex grains are known for their superfood-like status among endurance athletes.

Resolution accepting final plat from Roger Glen Grimball, Jr.