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Transsexual dating serve

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would consider dating a transgender person, and 44% would not.Transgender women are the members of the LGBT community most likely to try dating online, in part because they almost always need to search a larger geographical area than any other segment of the LGBT population to find someone willing to date a transgender woman.

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There's lots of questions for discussion here, but I'll start us off with a few: How does one disclose their non-op status to a potential partner? Thanks Fae I'm not in the position to date but I think one has to be terribly careful.He dates men and women, both transgender and cisgender (a term for people who aren't trans).After La Mon transitioned from female to male, he didn’t change his gender to “male” on his OKCupid profile; instead, he started a second profile where he identified as “male.” He kept the female profile active because he thinks that some women who typically date other women might also be interested in dating transgender men. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. One problem with traditional dating sites, such as e Harmony and, is that they don't contain a category for transgender personals.Cindy JAmes I think a lot of it is trial and error.

I'm still sort of figuring out what I like and don't like sexually.

I also think, without any evidence what so ever that you can still come across 'strange people' who use such sites to prey on others.

Even in my situation of being committed to a woman who depends totally on me, I still dream of satisfying a male lover.

Winter La Mon is a 28-year-old transgender man who lives in New York City.

He joined the online dating site OKCupid six years ago, about three years before he transitioned.

People who are part of the transgender community may become frustrated by sites that try to fit people into boxes of male or female because it can make it difficult for them to meet the type of life partner or friend they are seeking.