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This room is primarily for those using our video chat and webcam services.

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Remember, even if you don't know all the acronyms that fire people may use, Abercrombie said on 7/14/98, "This page is and will remain committed to those who leave the paved roads and highways to attack wildland fires at their source.

Information usually does not get into the wider field.

From AAR to SAI Hierarchy of Analysis/Investigation for a Learning Organization: AAR --Administratively Determined, a category of temporary employment on a fire. A person hired and compensated under the Pay Plan for Emergency Workers.

(casual or emergency)American Federation of Government Employees (AFL-CIO), firefighter union; with NFFE, could be supplanted by IAFF (primary AFL-CIO firefighter local) under Employee Free Choice Act; discussion 3/25/09 theysaid Advanced Life Support means paramedics or possibly EMT-II's.

ALS care providers (paramedics and above) can -besides do everything EMTs do- start IVs, give you drugs, read an electrocardiogram (heart monitor), and defibrillate (shock) you.

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