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What to expect when dating a policeman

Uniforms can be attractive of course, but don’t be surprised if your friends start making quips about handcuffs, doughnuts, and truncheons. We’ve all seen those ‘Boozy Britain’ type documentaries about drunkenness on Saturday nights.Date a cop – or anyone who deals directly with the problem – and you’ll tend to become aware of the serious side of it.

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Hopefully these can help others who are new to the Police life or have been with one for 50 years.When little girls dream of their happily every after I’m sure they dream of cooking supper and no one coming home to eat it or sitting alone watching TV on a Saturday night.If this isn’t what you dreamed of, then the life of a Police Wife will take some getting used to.Here’s our top eight signs that you’re in a romantic situation with a police officer – just in case you were in any doubt…Date a police officer, and suddenly everyone’s a comedian.In a 2011 study, 18.1 percent of male officers and 16 percent of female officers described “adverse consequences” from alcohol use, and 11 percent of male and 16 percent of female officers admitted to engaging in at-risk levels of alcohol use during the previous week.

In another recent study, 33.9 percent of law enforcement students indicated excessive alcohol use compared to 26 percent of other students, and, in a study by Peter Weiss, 44.8 percent of the lowest performing officers of the 632 surveyed exhibited “alcohol issues.”Attention people!

If your relational intent is to search for a future spouse or life partner, this early dating stage of a relationship is crucial to the future of your marriage, your career and personal life, your yet unborn children, and ensuring the pension you hope to someday collect all winds up in the same bank account.

In last month's article, , we discussed the challenge of simply meeting good people to go out with, and then offered some suggestions to make meeting them easier while avoiding human landmines.

Women who date and marry police officers seem to view themselves as a breed apart from other women, boastfully basking in the reflected glory of men who dress up in magic costumes that allow them to steal, rape, kidnap, and kill with impunity.

“Ride or die” cop chicks want the world to know the undying loyalty they have for their romantic partners, but do they receive the same loyalty in return?

There is also constant worry when you are an officer’s wife. Will something terrible happen to him while he is at work?