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Law student online dating

Is this thought-provoking, well-crafted advice about dating lawyers? But e Harmony didn’t get where it is by acting as an honest broker of love.

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Be aware of the risks and dangers of online dating, social and dating web site polices and practices, and the limits of the law.A major online dating site has your back, publishing a listicle designed to convince their desperate readers why they absolutely should date a lawyer.It could be a good opportunity for these online daters to employ ATL’s advice on seducing a lawyer.LOTS of people (myself included) got married during law school (to non-law student / non-lawyers we had been dating prior to law school).Other folks stayed in previous relationships, got engaged, or broke up. I even knew several students (male and female) who had kids born during law school. It depends how social you are / want to be while in law school.casual: Ok Cupid According to Mashable, Ok Cupid was the most searched-for online dating site within the past 30 days.

The site's popularity likely stems from the fact that it is (a) free, and (b) serves no discernable niche, unlike sites like JDate (Jewish dating) and Christian

Let’s address some of e Harmony’s advice: I found a typo already.

Replace “smarter” with “like an a**hole.” Lest we forget, lawyers are the most despised profession in America. Unless this hypothetical group of non-lawyers just happen to be discussing document review, this boyfriend’s opinion is pretty useless. But this point isn’t about smarts, it’s all about appealing to the contemptible person who wants to rub into friends that he or she has a “better” life partner than they do.

This post about dating a lawyer follows the same principles: it doesn’t explain why someone should date a lawyer so much as it targets a segment of their audience who want certain qualities in a potential mate and then ham-handedly ascribes those traits to a hypothetical lawyer.

When you read e Harmony’s advice, what you realize is they have some members seeking some really unpleasant people.

We discussed Ok Cupid and its plethora of free features as an alternative to drinking yourself into a depressed stupor on this past Valentine's Day. Grouper Last month, at the behest of a friend, I attended a singles mixer in downtown San Jose.