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Because each of my interviews with future clients is essentially a teachable moment, keeping a diary allows my clients and others a unique perspective into the constantly evolving world of dating and relationships.By reading about what others set as their expectations and desires for their future relationships each of us is afforded the opportunity to personally reflect on what it is we want for ourselves. January always starts off as a whirlwind and that has certainly been the case this year.

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Her gift showed itself early, as she was getting her friends together when she was in high school.She does as much counseling as matchmaking and has gained a unique perspective on dating and creating lasting and healthy relationships.• 21 years of matchmaking experience in Colorado.• Responsible for 700 married men and women.• Proven Compatibility/Personality Profile Testing.• A rating with the Better Business Bureau.• Extensive background checks.• Visual and personal age, divorce, verification. With KCB Bank’s Mobile Deposit Capture, you can deposit checks with your phone. · Use your i Phone® or Android® smartphone · Capture photos of the front and back of your check · Deposit it through your KCB Bank mobile banking app · The first 10 checks deposited per statement cycle are free Mobile Deposit Capture is better banking that saves you time and hassle.You’re 42, single and want to meet the man of your dreams.More importantly, the relationships and marriages made at Perfectly Matched have stood the test of time. She was his first and only match and they are married.

Over the holidays there were at least a dozen couples on Facebook with pictures and comments about how happy they are and how much they love their partner. Another couple has been together since 2011 and they are married and have this precious little baby.

At one point, Donna realized she had a unique ability and talent for matchmaking singles.

On October 6, 1991 Donna opened Perfectly Matched and today has over 700 clients who are married and an equal number in long term relationships.

Or you have a strong personality that sends some women running.

A good person to meet is Donna Shugrue of Perfectly Matched, a matchmaker business in Colorado Springs that boasts 700 couples now married.

You want a long-term relationship that results in marriage.