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According to The Daily Beast, the lawsuit says he: ‘Slapped [Jamila Majesty] several times and punched her in the ribs in addition to beating her with the group of women…

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A lawsuit has also recently been filed against him alleging he assaulted a woman named Jamila Majesty, after he reportedly ‘flew into a rage when she used his bathroom without permission’. I wanted to drop by for a few words on what appears to be a major storm at the end of the week. Winds would continue to howl and lows Saturday morning hit the 20s with highs only recovering into the 30s.It is looking more and more likely we will see a big storm rolling from the deep south into the eastern Great Lakes or New England from Thursday through Saturday. – A trough will dig in Wednesday spawning low pressure to our southeast. That is only a rough outline on my preliminary thoughts as we are still several days away.Very few other details surrounding the situation are known.It’s just the latest in a series of worrying incidents involving the funny man.Williams claimed self-defense, and no arrests were made as there were no witnesses at the scene. On the same day that his altercation with the female group in Atlanta was reported, Williams became a suspect of a battery case in Los Angeles.

Again, he was accused of assault, and Williams quickly presented the media with his account of the hostile encounter.

He claimed that he had seen a car accident outside of his hotel, and as he was running to help the victims, he was apparently mocked about his height by a group of tall men whom he took to be rappers.

He alleged that he was struck when he asked them to stop, so he punched back in self-defense.

“Even if that n----‘s a puppet, it’s not his fault,” Williams told a crowd in Atlanta on Saturday.

“Don’t be mad at Kermit the Frog — be mad at Jim Henson.

With no audio in the initial clip, it’s not known what the teen said to provoke the attack, but the hit is swift and vicious to the lad’s face.