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Updating seagate firmware on a mac

The OS installed is 100% up to date as of all updates available today including the recent EFI update which enabled 6.0Gbp/s SATA 3.0 capability with two of the i Mac’s three SATA ports.

updating seagate firmware on a mac-39

Searching with Google’s Chrome I found the updated firmware at .Since those games take up a lot of space on your hard drive, you’ll sooner or later get to the point to either remove some games or upgrade your PS4 with a bigger drive.Thanks to the 2.50 system software update, you’re now able to use the new back up and restore option to upgrade your hard drive wihout any data loss.You're looking for a file inside the ISO - there should only be one of them. Exact same procedure for Sea Tools, except you start with a different ISO and skip step 8.3) Rename the to 4) Download this tool to write the to a USB flash disk. Tried various other tricks like diskpart, unetbootin & batch file hacks - no joy. A firmware update apparently fixes it, but I've not been running the new firmware long enough to confirm this.Seagate harddisk firmware updates come in 2 flavours: Windows based and CDR images. They mess with the MBR so they can wreck you're OS install if something goes wrong.

Or in my case it just gives a useless error message. Data on the disk should remain intact, but make backups just in case.

1) Download the CDR ISO image for your firmware update.

Links to find the right one: ( ( Cookie=en_US_ ) The 2nd page listed above is a bit fussy about capital letters in the serial numbers etc, so it might require a few tries (You get a message in red if it fails).

Several years ago we did a review on Seagate Go Flex Home Server (NAS).

Recently I went to update the firmware which can be found in the web interface of the device.

The site was for some reason marked malicious by Google.