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He will introduce you to his friend with the pride and say something like” Is not my girlfriend a bomb-shell?” I guess that you want a guy who loves you and respects you, not who is haunted by your figure. Learn More: How To Break Up Gracefully With Someone – 14 Tips Are Exposed It is okay when some people want to get the privacy.

You could make a snarky comment about his having the attention span of a chipmunk. It provides a road map into what he’s attracted to.Don’t be fooled by what they might say, instead look at what they are doing. Flattery is nice, but only if it is for the right reason.“You’re hot” as opposed to “You look beautiful” sends two completely different messages.He will be proud of finding you and tell them how lucky he is.On the contrary, a player will show you off as a valued object of interest to his friends.A player will usually have only a short term agenda on their mind, whereas a keeper will be interested in discovering the real you. When someone wants to be with you, they will make every effort to do so.

This goes beyond only making time for you for a casual hook up.

: He’s smooth, good-looking, popular - the ultimate image of what we think of when we hear the word “player.” And as fabulous as it would be to form a payback plan with three of your closest friends and give him a taste of his own medicine, not all players are this easily identifiable.

They can be anything from mediocre-looking nerds to angsty artists trying to find themselves to prep-school elites who look like they’ve walked straight out of a Brooks Brothers catalog. That’s because it is—especially when you’re the one being played.

This means that when they say something, they will actually follow through with it.

A player tends to offer false promises and often leaves you in hope rather than making the effort to act on those words spoken. Simple things like compliments can really give you a good indication of whether or not they want something serious.

You don’t have to have someone hold your earrings every time your guy notices other girls, especially if he’s just looking every now and then.