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11 October 2016Acid trips, online cults, and a secret sex chamber?Revealing these truths would normally drive families into therapy, but host Jeff Dye is prescribing these contestants some cold hard cash instead.

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26 October 2016Stealing naked photos, go-go dancing, and sex in a confessional booth?Reliving these memories can be painful for some but, luckily for these families, the money they can win will heal their pain.2 November 2016Stolen cars, topless gun Parties, and making out with a mannequin?Consider doing a random act of kindness and get to know an Inmate through letters.Consider taking a few minutes to write a letter or send a card.Whether it be poor choices, “in the wrong place at the wrong time” or lifestyle, it doesn’t matter…Inmates are people too.

Unfortunately over time they are forgotten about by family and friends who were once there for them. Being incarcerated brings the loss of dignity, self-worth and independencejust to name a few.

It’s something simple like this that could lift their spirits and brighten their day.

Feel free to browse through the various pages of Inmate Members and become a pen pal.

Deborrah Cooper gained underground acclaim through her 18-year career of relationship advice counseling, conducting seminars and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a producer and host of ”Heart Beat,” a cable television talk show in Oakland, California. I understand how some might find humor in the author's responses.

She was a frequent on-air guest at KMEL 106.1 radio and guest columnist on AOL’s Net Noir channel. Cooper has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine, on CNN, and interviewed for Ebony, Essence, Honey and dozens of other regional and national publications and radio programs. Heart Beat,” has penned hundreds of articles and provided relationship advice to millions on her groundbreaking Ask Heart Beat. However, I was disappointed in the demeaning tone her advice takes on.

While not quite as intricately plotted as either of the first two editions, the third may have the greatest abundance of memorable characters matched perfectly to the performers playing them.