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Technorati feed not updating

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This is a list I have been using for years and it works great.

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For verifying Technorati claim token a few days back when we checked our Feedburner feed it seemed like our feeds were not updated for several posts and it gave as a big shock.When you ping a service it notifies the world that your blog, website, RSS feed, or podcast has recently been updated or created.If you are using Yoast SEO, there is no need to Ping Yahoo or as the plugin does it for you.Click on that link and check whether your feed has problems.In our case it’s clear which says “your source feed is now working fine” We suggest you to check your feeds with Feed validator. Have you followed this article on how to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress then you might be activated Ping Shot.It only took the burglars calling the venue to find out what time the show was to let them know when they could break into her home.

The burglars showed up 35 minutes after the Mc Mullens left for the concert. You post a casual message to your “friends” that could turn into a nightmare where, like Keri, you lose upwards of $11,000 in personal property.

Use this link ping Feedburner and enter your blog address and Ping Feedburner.

Check your feeds whether problem is resolved and if not proceed to step 3.

You don’t know who is looking at your private information because it’s truly not private – it’s public.

Keri Mc Mullen found this out the hard way after she posted a simple status message that she was going to see a band with her fiancé.

When you are ‘friends’ with people on Facebook that you are not actually friends with, how do you know whether they have good intentions?