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Die Seite und der Chat sind supereinfach zu bedienen - und es gibt einen "Bin beschäftigt"-Modus, so dass Sie nicht in zu viele Chats gleichzeitig verwickelt werden müssen...

Neben den Singlechats gibt es eine Reihe sehr großer Single-Foren/Single-Communities.Unser Konzept, verbunden mit zuverlässigem und kompetentem Service, hat seit 1997 viele namhafte Kunden überzeugt.Die Registry für .fi-Domainnamen FICORA hat die Vergaberichtlinien liberalisiert und auf ein Registry-Registrar-Modell umgestellt.Discoveries confirmed that the monument was still visible in the Trajan age: by the digs of '900 emerged a retaining wall around, it was high m. 2.50 from the monument builted by bricks with stamps dating 123 A. At that time the monument already was about 2 meters below the floor level of the surrounding area; two centuries later it was completely disappeared, in fact not a word about the Ara Pacis appears in the Mirabilia of the IV century. In 1568 during the works in Palazzo Peretti - Via in Lucina 4 -, emerged nine marble slabs that bought the Grand Duke of Tuscany and then donated to the Uffizi but whom was not certain the origin; during other work in 1659 emerged other sculptured reliefs which partly remained in Palazzo Peretti and in part were sold to the Vatican and to Leopoldo de Medici, who used them to decorate the facade overlooking the garden of the Villa Medici ... VMS™ Spectra est une édition limitée qui intègre la technologie Spectra.In his political testament Res Gestae Divi Augusti (12.2) Augustus remembers the decision taken by the Senate of Rome on July 4, 13 B. building an altar consecrated to the Augustan Peace in the Campus Martius ordering also that, every year, the magistrates, the priests and Vestals should celebrate sacrifices there.

Ara Pacis Augustae was built between 13 and 9 BC to celebrate Pax Romana achieved by Augustus after 3 years of successful wars in Gaul and Iberia.

Weiter unten haben wir noch einmal die Testkategorien aufgeführt.

Von dort aus gelangen Sie zu übersichtlicheren Verzeichnissen.

The Middle Ages covered most of the monuments of ancient Rome, and only when the city returned to be such, because there was fixed the seat of the papacy, you began to build and in the construction of foundations of new buildings started to reappear many works of ancient art.

"Cavare" of individual pieces of Roman sculpture during the construction of new buildings was a custom that since the fifteenth century was also considered an asset in the contracts so that the precious remains were left as payment for the work that architects and builders had to accomplish.

Im Fokus von Kiss No Frog steht die Live-Kommunikation im Zuge von 1:1-Chats.