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Speed dating event guidelines

You'll find more information about our Community Guidelines here: Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. After reviewing these reports, your Meetup, and your account, we're writing to make sure that you are fully aware of our Community Guidelines in order to comply with them.Sincerely, Meetup HQ Meetup has begun targeting speed dating groups and groups that offer parties. Please make any necessary changes to align your Meetup with our policies. However, failure to align with our policies may result in the closure of your Meetup group and account.

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If approaching attractive strangers in bars isn’t your thing, and the whole love at first sight in supermarket aisles seems like an unrealistic fairy tale beginning, panic not.Anyone can participate in the speed dating functions on both Tues Sept 20 and Wed Sept 21 Each "meeting" is max 4 minutes and will take place at the Pharmaceutical Company Hosted Tables (see slide deck above). Interested in Peptide manufacturing and fermentation development, peptide purification development, I.e. Show up at the event at the appointed time and my staff will guide you. Rexahn is interested in API synthesis (both clinical and commercial scale), drug product manufacture (both clinical and commercial) and formulation services, including work to increase bio-availability. After reviewing these reports, your Meetup, and your account, we're writing to make sure that you are fully aware of our Community Guidelines in order to comply with them. ============================================================================. Your Meetup, was brought to our attention by members of the community. Suppliers will self-select based on these criteria so your visitors are well matched for suitability before they visit your table. Select those that are consistent with your service offerings. The goal is to quickly evaluate each other and make new contacts with whom you can follow up after the speed dating event itself. No presentations, just business cards, and a 4 minute chat, then move to next company you want to meet.

You have provided the guidelines for services you may be looking for and which are posted on the Agenda of the Chem Outsourcing website. Please see the agenda Tues Sept 20 and Wed Sept 21 at 2-3pm for the supplier profiles that each pharma customer is looking for. Participants, identify the companies that match your service offerings then just show up.

“The problem is the busier we get, the less we have proximity to people naturally.” She also referred to “the epidemic of busyness” that seems to hit cities like DC especially hard.

Just look at your friends: what a wonderfully diverse group of liberal, cool, opinionated, engaged, open-minded, creative, talented, attractive people! These quirky dating events will help you overcome those initial awkward encounters by providing both alcoholic lubrication and an easy opening gambit.

Second, my own best friend, whose existence in my life is inextricably linked to my time in DC, is leaving town. Priorities shift, and suddenly friendship starts to seem like a luxury, maybe even a waste of time that is now in ever shorter supply.

The date hasn’t officially been set, but the reason for her imminent departure is immutable: She fell in love. After 30 — the age I’m nearing — experts find we may make casual friends, but most of us lose our best friends. How ironic that falling in one kind of love has the ability to make us lose another.

Hosted Roundtables for 4 Minute Supplier Speed Meetings.