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Lee byung hun song hye kyo dating

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Penulis naskah drama That Winter sempat memuji Song Hye Kyo."Dia penuh potensial, hingga ia dapat berperan apapun yang saya tulis" ucap Noh Hye Kyung.

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Tidak hanya cantik, Song Hye Kyo juga memiliki prestai yang tentu tidak boleh dipandang sebelah mata.Song Hye Kyo was involved in 2 high-profile relationships with her fellow co-stars Lee Byung Hun (from “All In”) in 2003 and Hyun Bin (from “The World That The Live In”) in 2009.Although both relationships didn’t manage to last till marriage, the actress seems to be handling single life very well.In fact, there had been numerous rumours about her marriage, and the chatter escalated when a Laneige greeting hinted the actress' marriage.Last month, Laneige greeted Song Hye Kyo with alleged marriage to an "Oppa," but the post was soon removed by the brand.Who knows, they’re just good actors making us believe that they can be possible beyond the scripted lines?

On the other hand, those couplings we didn’t see coming may surprise us.

That’s what exactly happened when news broke out that Won Bin and Lee Na-young were dating.

I’ve always wondered about Won Bin’s private life .

Tiga drama televisi yang ia bintangi saat berumur 20 tahun mendapat rating lebih dari 40 persen.

Seperti Auntumn in My Heart tahun 2000, All In pada tahun 2003, dan drama yang sempat menghipnotis masyarakat Indonesia, Full House di tahun 2004.

In fact, the CEO of their agency denied at first, only to retract later. In fact, it’s one of those times that it strikes you that… If only there will be pictures of them together in one place at the same time and not paparazzi photos thrown together. But a paparazzi only for those people I’m interested in like my ex-OTP.