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Who is kellan lutz dating 2016

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I'd rather see more clothes on that are layered, yet still see-through instead of seeing girls just walking around in their bikinis." Kellan Lutz: "I've found that my personal life is best kept to myself.I like when you see couples getting married and you find yourself saying, 'I never knew they were dating,' so I don't talk about my relationships publically anymore." Cosmo: Alright, alright, we respect that KL.

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Lutz, you should know the 30-year-old has his own very specific set of requirements for his soulmate — and wild party girls need not apply.Ashley's like one of the boys, she's just so easy-going and cool.""I've dated girls and I always wait for that one right time to kiss. ' and now she's back in town and I'm scolding her for not responding.I don't kiss on the first date, so I'll take a girl out to dinners, and we'll go bowling, and I make sure to charm them before I do it.""It's just really important to find someone who has the same morals or values and goals and interests in life. I was like, 'I'm not taking you out for your birthday until you bring Marlo over to see Kevin because they haven't seen each other yet! Once I moved to LA though, I finally got into surfing and wearing Op.And then when the company came to me with [representing Op], I was really excited and I think they saw that through me because it was like a dream coming to pass." Cosmo: That's pretty cool—congrats on the gig, by the way. I'd rather fun-out [laughs], where you're doing something new and different, whether it's riding horses, doing Surf Set Fitness, taking classes, working out with a friend—not just counting down the time until your workout is over in the gym.“Ashley and I are still really close,” revealed Kellan.

“I see Peter Facinelli quite a bit because we play poker.

When your abs literally look like they're etched into your torso, you best believe Cosmo wants a one-on-one—interview, that is.

Which is exactly what we got when we sat down with actor and co-face of Ocean Pacific (along with Katrina Bowden) Kellan Lutz at an Op event recently.

The former “Twilight” actor called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday (June 5) to talk up his new show “Bullseye” and give us a status update about his love life.

After expertly dodging questions about his short, kinda-sorta fling with Miley Cyrus last year, he revealed he’s looking to settle down with someone he can share a future with.

Speaking of board shorts and surfing, your body is ridic. [Specifically though] in my career I focus on action, so I like doing muay tai, jui jitsu, and boxing with the 87 eleven stunt guys in Marina del Rey—these guys are all ninjas, so as I'm exercising, I'm also being educated on new techniques that I can implement in future roles, which is good." Cosmo: Staying on the subject of swimwear, do you prefer a one- or two-piece on a woman?