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This can be a difficult road but I can tell you it gets easier, just remember those who tear you down do it because of their own personal short comings and issues and they mostly do it so we won’t believe we can leave, or have other better options, this is a LIE, you can, and you most certainly do.So love yourself and the rest will eventually come too!

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When I called Ryan to tell him I overslept I felt like I was the intern calling human resources and hoping not to get fired. He knows I work way more than most people and that I would probably be more sane if I worked less. I tell him I'm so frustrated that I have to hang up. Do not write to me and tell me that's shallow, okay? So I guess when someone wants to hire me, I'm not going to be able to get the job based on who I've dated.If you feel comfortable doing so (and I understand if you don’t), in the comments section of this post please share your story, how long you’ve been reading, if you’ve found the blog helpful, if your feelings or situation have changed over the course of 2012, and/or anything else you think is relevant. Here’s an excerpt: 19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.But why do the knives have to come out when it comes to the subject of maternity?Dudes, did you know that it is Hugh Grant’s birthday today, and Colin Firth’s birthday tomorrow?I mean, what are the chances that two of the best British rom-com leads have birthdays right next to each other? Men wearing reindeer jumpers have no right to be rude to ladies I will go out on a limb here and say that I basically never think men have the right to be rude to ladies, but maybe I am biased here. I had a guy tell me once that nice guys aren’t going to push you up against the wall and kiss you, and that I would eventually get bored with the nice guy. Nancy’s “Waspishness” is attributed to her thwarting – she suffered miscarriages and a fertility-ending operation in her late thirties, at which time she divorced, moved to Paris, and became a fabulous success as a writer, fashionista and socialite.

Debo dismisses this: “She didn’t have a real husband and children, just the writing, an empty sort of reward.”Likewise, the married and childless-by-choice Woman, (Pam), took in two of Diana’s sons when their mother was in the lock-up. Honks attributes a completely unrelated perceived insensitivity (Pam “had no idea how ghastly prison really was, the lav, etc.”) to her lack of children.

The guy I'm sort of dating asks me, “Do you know Glenda Bautista? They do cool stuff, meet cool people, and how can you not think Matt is great? Who knows what he's like to date, but he's a great online brand. And I have talked with this guy I'm sort of dating, D, a lot since then.

” I say, “No.” He says, “We're trying to hire her.” So I check out her blog and dis her and he says, “She was dating Matt Mullenweg.” I say, “Really.” He says, “Yeah. But I am not saying that he's my boyfriend because maybe I want my boyfriend to have as big a brand as Matt. I have to call you back in maybe ten years.” That was the first thing.

I was born and raised in the Jewish faith, so at the age of 13 I was given a Bat-Mitzvah.

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is supposed to symbolize the coming into adulthood of Jewish children, assuming that they suddenly know what it means to be a responsible member of society – yeah, I know – 13 seems a bit too young…but, hey, it’s a tradition from thousands and thousands of years ago, so who am I to say?

I still do remember that at the age of 13 I was too young to understand what adulthood even entailed.