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Dating herpes cold sores contagious

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Either can be genital, or transmitted to others as such.Most have absolutely no idea they have it, because HSV is usually mild or asymptomatic - and it is NOT included in "complete" STD testing.

(Revised.)Is it necessary to reveal that you have had a type 1 genital episode, since the chances of transmission are so freakishly low?Sincerely, ignorant Dear ignorant, There is often confusion between canker sores and cold sores.In a nutshell, canker sores are painful ulcers, or open sores, on the inner membranes of the mouth and cheek, or can resemble pimples on the tongue.I fell into a deep depression and ate to ease the pain; I ended up gaining 35 pounds. I found solace in isolation; I couldn’t face the inevitable conversation of having to admit that I had herpes.I thought I was disgusting, but I was not disgusting. I am now in a happy, committed relationship with my boyfriend, who knows of my diagnosis and loves me just the same. Vanessa Cullins, MD, the vice president of external medical affairs at Planned Parenthood, to clear up some misconceptions about the herpes virus. I got the infection from a man I loved and trusted, who swore on his life he had tested clean for any sexually transmitted diseases. When I got myself to the nearest clinic, the nurse practitioner said it was a mosquito bite. She explained — amid my inconsolable sobs — that I had tested positive for herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), which is also what causes cold sores.“Everybody has it! I had herpes and I thought that no one would ever love me again. I was a sexually active young woman, and for that, I felt I was being rightfully punished.

It was as though I was straddling boiling, spiked coals, and simultaneously being penetrated by a lava-slathered drill. Three very long and painful days later, the nurse called to apologize for the misunderstanding: My “bite” was actually herpes. I didn’t, and don’t, have to feel this way, but society made me think I did.

Canker sores are not considered to be contagious and are of uncertain origin.

Cold sores, on the other hand, are small red blisters that generally affect the mouth and facial areas, but usually appear on the lip and outer edge of the mouth.

My girlfriend had what we thought was a canker sore, and I happened to become infected with what we have assumed to this point is herpes.

Would a cold sore cause this or did we just win the lottery with a canker sore?

Dear Alice, What's the difference between a canker sore and a cold sore?