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But the 12.9-inch screened machine was heavy (though still lighter than the smaller original i Pad released six years ago) and so felt less conveniently portable. Add in cellular connectivity, a keyboard (£139) and Apple Pencil (£79) and you'd racked up quite a bill even with an entry-level 32GB storage capacity.So the prospect of a Pro version of the i Pad Air 2 – the 9.7-inch screened i Pad that was noticeably not updated last autumn – was intriguing.

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Some parents feel the pressure to be constantly interacting with their children.And the concern among some experts is that these devices, if used in particular ways, could be changing children’s brains for the worse – potentially affecting their attention, motor control, language skills and eyesight, especially in under-fives, for whom so much brain development is taking place.Technology companies and app developers are throwing their marketing prowess at the problem, slapping words like “educational” and “e-learning” on their products, often without any scientific basis. Few technologies have invaded our lives – and those of our children – as stealthily as the mobile computer, most commonly the smartphone or tablet.Rehearsal 2 is one of several winning successes among actors.Once you’ve downloaded it, you import your script by emailing it to your assigned account at the app.And people still like taking photos with their i Pads.

Apple devoted a good portion of the presentation to using the i Pad as a camera as if they're encouraging the activity, or something. Trust us, you don't look that glamorous when you take a photo with your i Pad. I'm asking anyone who's reading this to think twice about using your i Pad as a camera. Remember how silly people looked when viewfinders became a thing of the past and you started using your camera with arms outstretched?

In the studio actors, directors and crew were checking their smartphones for messages.

Leaving aside that these phones were almost all i Phones, what was noticeable was that a bunch of actors were using i Pads on location, too.

However, find the right balance and tablet technology can actually be beneficial for both parents and their offspring.

Just don’t expect the kids to always learn something There are widespread fears that children’s educational and emotional development is being damaged by digital culture.

Clips only works on i OS devices and Apple has not yet announced plans to bring it to Android.