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There are also plenty of off-topic moments that just don't fit plus numerous irksome conversations between Titus and his "inner retard" -- changed to "Inner Idiot" for the track list.Even without the A-plus focus, Titus can still offer plenty of laughs and there's little doubt his mega-fans will delight in the phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes part of the story.

Here's the thing: If you're so far left you actually believe that somebody owes you a job, citizenship and a heart transplant, you're mentally ill. LOS ANGELES, CA – WWE Superstar Amy Dumas AKA Lita is the special guest on a brand new episode of Lilian Garcia: Making Their Way to the Ring.In an intimate discussion about her legendary career, Amy discusses how her injury in 2005 impacted the relationship she had with Matt Hardy, her thoughts towards the public split being turned into a storyline and what she did to move forward afterward.His opening line is "If you are in here tonight and you have never contemplated suicide, then you have never truly been in love." It's followed by, "If you are in here tonight and you've never contemplated murder, then you've never been divorced." Can you see where this is going?Maybe not entirely, since Christopher Titus' new girlfriend (a "29 year old Diesel jeans model who has two college degrees and paid for her own boob job") pops up in the second half, but the first half of Love Is Evol is driven by the standup comedian and television sitcom star's bitter divorce. Think you’re life is so out of control you don’t know how you will possibly continue on? Thirty years, although Jon Fox booked another place before that, The Albatross. She just happened to be dating the opener that night. Here’s a tip, never go out with a woman who would dump the headliner for the opener. Yeah, that’s when you’re like, “I gotta quit this business.” Hey man, my home is up in the hills, I’m losing you on the cell can I call you back on the landline? (New phone call) Hey man, it’s weird, I sit in the exact same spot every time with my cell phone and you would think that reception from the cell phone tower would be locked down and it wouldn’t change but every five minutes it starts to fade on me—so, landline now. I was wondering when you first performed at The Punchline, was it the same deal now where you had to wait in the audience for 6-12 months before you got onstage? I remember watching and thinking, “I’m already funnier than half these comedians.” That’s the arrogance and delusion of a comic. He could tell if you were just some dude who hated his teaching job and wanted to try new dick jokes. People that know they got their life rocking and they got a full glass of juice, usually the nicest people in the world. That’s why I’ve never been a stand-at-the-mic comic.

Unless you’re from Darfur, comedian Christopher Titus probably has you beat in the boo-hoo department. Santa Cruz is one of the first places I worked when I first started doing one-nighters at this crappy bar that was just great. Yeah man, it was at the Crows Nest and the headliner was a guy named Frank Lunney who was headlining, I was the opener, it was that long ago. Santa Cruz was also one of the first times I ran into my horrible ex-wife, so I kinda have a love/hate thing for it. So I went and wrote a bunch of material and worked for four weeks and got my name on the list at the club. And, I think it depends on who is running the front door. It’s the half a glass of juice comics that ruin it.

And the moment my parents split up, we pretty much never talked. I wanted to be around things that the guys were doing and I wanted them to be like ‘Wow you can do this as good as me, high-five’.

Because I didn’t have anything to talk to him about now that he’s not under the same roof.”How her relationship with her father has affected her: “I know that it’s affected my relationship with men because it makes me keep a wall up and never really give in, because I’m like I don’t want the rejection. And realizing that that’s why I was gravitating towards that was a little hard to swallow.”Amy realizing her relationship with Matt Hardy was coming to an end in 2005: “We were slightly disconnected while I was at home recuperating because he was still 100% into his career and I was 100% out of it at the moment, because I had to be.

I’ve never heard of anyone that had a beef between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

It’s not performing in the nude, it’s having your girl dump you for the opener. When I first did the Punchline, I was 18 years old. I knew that I wanted to be a comedian since I was 5, but I didn’t know what it was going to be like. I did that twice and Hutch banned me from the Punchline for three months. If you really cared about it and did a good job he would put you up all the time. Most comics have half a glass of juice and half a glass of juice comics are the worst. And I realized you have to own their attention in a way that they cannot look away from you. It was too unfocused for me because I had to write bits.

You better only answer “great” because you live in freakin’ Santa Cruz. You’re a grown man and you had never been in the ocean on the East Coast before? They would go to the Holy City Zoo and drink and I would go home, stay up until four in the morning writing new jokes. Chris Hardwick said that to me the other day on his show, “You know Chris, nobody really knows you. You do your own thing.” I didn’t know if that was an insult or a compliment, I wasn’t sure how to take it.