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Gravatar not updating

If you have not set this up previously, I will outline the steps in order to have one on your account.

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Your Name appears in your profile and is shown with your activity in Disqus.If you want to use something other than Gravatar service then you might want to try some Word Press plugins that allow to change user’s profile picture. In order to have an avatar on this forum, we will be transitioning the use of Gravatar over from the Battlelog forums.Click your name (next to the notifications bubble) to open the drop down menu, then click "Edit Settings".Tip: When logged into your Disqus account, your Settings may be accessed directly at Once you've accessed your Disqus settings and navigated to the Profile tab, you'll then be able to edit your Avatar, Name, Website, Location, Bio, and Privacy Settings.By default, Word Press uses Gravatar service to display user’s profile picture.

Your profile picture is based on your email address.

Enabling Gravatars on your Word Press site simplifies the process for everyone involved.

While it is possible to use a Word Press Plugin to manage user avatars on your Word Press-run site, using Gravatars on your site makes less work for both you and your site’s users.

If your Swarm users wish to use PG-, R-, or X-rated images, you'll need to configure the avatar lookup URLs with the appropriate rating flag.

After over 700 requests to replace Gravatar from Bitbucket users like you, we’re excited to announce a new avatar picker in Bitbucket.

(/home/git/gitlab/public/uploads/user/avatar/2/head. JPG) And config file "gitlab.yml" has disable gravatar gravatar: enabled: false PS: gitlab version:6.8.2I upload a pic as avatar,but can not display. (/home/git/gitlab/public/uploads/user/avatar/2/head.