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But many have a personal request: Would Shapiro help them discover what’s in their FBI files? According to the Justice Department, this tattooed activist-turned-academic is the FBI’s “most prolific” Freedom of Information Act requester—filing, during one period in 2011, upward of two documents requests a day.In the course of his doctoral work, which examines how the FBI monitors and investigates protesters, Shapiro has developed a novel, legal, and highly effective approach to mining the agency’s records.

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Invoking a legal strategy that had its heyday during the Bush administration, the FBI claims that Shapiro’s multitudinous requests, taken together, constitute a “mosaic” of information whose release could “significantly and irreparably damage national security” and would have “significant deleterious effects” on the bureau’s “ongoing efforts to investigate and combat domestic terrorism.” So-called mosaic theory has been used in the past to stop the release of specific documents, but it has never been applied so broadly.It was a really challenging few weeks; when you're locked in working on a track for 13 hours a day, you can get a bit of cabin fever.You also start obsessing over tiny things which don't really make a difference. We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.Our site runs faster and better on the latest browsers.“Under the FBI’s theory, the greater the public demand for documents, the greater need for secrecy and delay,” says Baher Azmy, CCR’s legal director.

Shapiro takes pride in his “most prolific” status, but it’s not an honorific he had in mind when he set out to learn how the FBI came to view animal rights activists as the nation’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.” He ran into a wall when he first began requesting significant numbers of documents from the bureau in 2010.

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