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" I did some further research on shoe forums and even Reddit, where it almost went unspoken in a weird, kind of way.Finally, after inquiring about it and dealing through some seedy Internet characters, I now had the power of the bot.

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] Whether you are new to Roku or a seasoned Proku (get it?I could probably get killed for this by some Just Don snapback-having, jogger sweatpant-wearing, mob of youth with disposable income. You had to make sure that you had your credit card in hand so that when that shoe finally released—after countless F5 and command Rs—you got your pair. I had two kids, slowed down on the copping, and was legitimately "out of the game" for about four years. My man sends me a video of him going on a site, where it automatically added his size to his cart and sent him to checkout.But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's just start from here: I've been collecting sneakers since the late '90s, mainly because that's when I started getting money to buy my own shit. You learned to create relationships with said connects so that when a sneaker released, you had a pair locked down. Needless to say, it took some luck and good timing. I was aware of Chrome's autofill option, you know, where if it asks for an address the computer will automatically enter the information in the given fields. I first noticed when trying to buy the "Salmon Toe" Ronnie Fieg x ASICS that something was a bit fishy, only because the Twitter link went live, I clicked, and two seconds later the entire damn size run was gone. Do I need to cuss someone out at my Internet service provider? In the words of Skee-Lo, "How am I gonna compete with that?Sign up for a few travel credit cards, collect miles, and then fly for free.It is natural for bloggers who start to gather a following to consider revenue opportunities to reward their time and effort.The link went live on Twitter, I click with much anticipation, and they're sold the hell out. What drives me crazy is the success rate for a few guys out there, who are able to buy multiple pairs while others get nothing.

Until online retailers switch up their method of checkout, the results will probably be similar upon every release.

I had never had the hightop version of the shoe, but I was willing to take my chances with the black and red pair that was coming back out. I was willing to go to 4chan, kidney resellers, Canal Street, whatever. It's the day after Christmas and I'm hyped. I wasn't too upset because I didn't pay a dime for the bot.

I knew that the release would be limited, so I decided that it was my best chance to cheat the system and use all of my resources. I have my bots that I acquired through a series of e-mails sent to me through said seedy characters, because, apparently, people pay as much as $50 for them on e Bay and various sites. I'm making sure no other devices are connected to the router because I'm getting these sneakers with my add-to-cart hookup. But you have to feel for those that do and still end up with nothing.

flight for an advertising conference in Singapore, was forced to shell out cash for a two-way ticket because she could not even transfer flights on another airline back to the Philippines as she was told by the same staff that payment has been made for the entire trip.

Making matters worse for Llavore was that her money could be refunded only in 15-20 days—another airline policy.

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